It all started when I was working in Paint Shop Pro; I was bored and had an Ayla sprite opened (no, I don't know why). I decided to put her in Princess Nadia's dress, then I compared the sprites of Chrono Trigger to the sprites of Sailormoon Another Story and decided to mix them all up. The basis of Navi's Orphanage had finally come to be. Next, I was surfing through Sailormoon pages, and all I saw was this little emulation of Chibiusa crying above the guestbooks. I got so sick of seeing those things, so I downloaded the image and got to work editing it to make other senshi to put up for adoption. The next thing I did was collect all those little tenshisenshi I had lying around my harddrive and made some of the villains of Sailormoon. I didn't want to put up just the villains, so I took all the others, edited them to make them unique, and put them up, too. Ever since I saw a picture of Fuuchan, I've been in love with Magic Knight Rayearth, and I just had to put some MKR sprites up for adoption. I also like Dragonball, and I've yet to see any DB adoption agencies, so you know how that section came about. Gundam is my latest interest, and I just got a really cool ROM for it. I've got the Gundam section listed, but I'm still editing sprites. You'll also notice a Lunar section, but I've yet to find a ROM, so that one will be a while. Now, don't let me see any Lunar adoption agencies popping up. This is *my* idea! ^.^