Picture yet to be drawn

Standing here is a young gothic looking girl. Straight black hair in a bob hair style frames her delicate pale face. Beautiful zircon eyes peer out from behind her wispy bangs, and dark violet lips form a demonic smile. She appears to be in her late teens and wears a form-fitting long black skirt and a low cut violet bodice covered by a tight black corset that reveals her stomach and pierced belly button. Velvet slippers protect her dainty dancer's feet. Fingerless black leather gloves cover her hands, and a thin silver band rests on her right ring finger, which appears to be stuck. A diamond ring that is a little loose is one her left ring finger. As she notices your stare, she casts a disgusted glare your way as if she were saying, "Continue staring, and I'll claw your eyes out."

People Seen/Met IC Their Name Known Name Known
Kultiras Yes Yes
Tienshin Yes Yes
Xenite No Yes
Zeemon No No
Vyixeon No Yes
Katherina No No
Krystas Yes No