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A young Driden woman stands here not seeming to notice anything around her. Sparkling brown orbs peer out from her dark face, and long white locks of hair fall gently down her back nearly touching the ground. Her clothing is all black embroidered with silver spiders and their intricate webs, and jade spider earrings dangle carelessly from her long pointed ears. Upon her head rests a black band also embroidered with silver spiders. She seems to be smaller than most other Driders, but she has great strength behind that size, and one would be a fool to judge her by size alone.

Mephystia never lasted long enough for me to feel like she was worth writing a history for. She only met two other players, Kaeln and Ferril, and the rp was short. I didn't think she was much fun to play anyway, and post death sucked because of her low level and being attacked by high level ogres on the way down the mountain to Tharan. La'Mort was never even officially her last name. She never saw level 15, therefore I couldn't ask the imms if the name was ok. One day I may recreate her, but not as a Drider. Drider are too difficult. Maybe she could be reincarnated as a Centaur (when they're available) on Eternal Visions, or just remade on a different mud.