I found this to be a rather interesting tidbit from Chrono Cross. I suggest reading "death" or "marle" before continuing on here. Mind you, those contain spoilers about Chrono Cross. Anyway, if you've already read those, good, I'll get on with this. As we now know, Schala cloned herself, and Kid was brought into existance. Whenever Schala spoke to Crono and his team in Zeal and the like, she had no accent. She spoke like everyone else, so why is it that her clone has an Australian accent? She's not from Australia, and Schala doesn't end up in the "real world" (Tokyo, Japan) until you beat the game, and that's only if you save her when you fight Lavos, so how can Kid have the Australian accent? Kid was raised by Lucca in Truce, and last time I checked, Truce and Australia were located in to different worlds and not even close to each other on a map (the world map in Chrono Trigger is set up much like a real world map). It doesn't make much sense to me. Anyone have an explanation?

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