Please note that what I write about Schala's birth is completely fictional (well maybe, who really knows?) and for entertainment only.

Once upon a time (ok, so I'm cheesy and using the typical storybook intro, get over it =P) long long ago in a snowy kingdom, there was a beautiful queen. There was really only one thing that took away from her beauty, her large belly, but it would soon be gone. Little did she know, the precious Princess Schala was about to make her way into the world.

*snip* No one wants to hear about the queen's 30 hours of labor, so it gets snipped....actually I just don't feel like writing that part..ummm..on to the celebration of the new addition! ...ehhh..quit looking at me like that.. _

After the pretty blue haired princess popped out, the king and queen decided to call her Schala, and they had a big party to celebrate the birth of their baby girl and invited the whole kingdom. There was much music and dancing, and many gifts were brought before the king and queen for the little princess. Three wise gurus, who excelled in the art of magic, even came and blessed the sweet child to keep harm from falling upon her. Little did they know these blessings could not protect her from what was to come in the near future.

author's note (09/17/00): dude...I just realised how Sleeping Beauty-ish that sounds... o.O;;;;;;

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