WARNING: Chrono Cross spoilers within this text!

Schala used the last of her pendant's power to send Crono and his friends to safety, or so we think. Did she *really* use all her power, or was there just enough left to save herself? As it turns out, she used most of the pendant's power, and she was stuck with Lavos. Actually, it was more like she was stuck WITHIN Lavos. Schala was incased in some sort of violet crystal at the top of Lavos, where she was forced to wait an eternity to be saved from this horrid fate. As they fell through the Time Stream, Schala's age reversed, her hair color turned blonde, and her dress became white. She was half insane wanting to destory the world with Lavos by the time Serge and his party found her. However, unbeknownst to Serge and crew, she was, in a way, already in his party. By the use of her pendant's remaining little power, she had previously cloned herself and sent the baby clone to Serge's alternate world, where she was found by Lucca and named Kid. Lucca raised her and some other children in her home, which she had turned into an orphanage, but these good times with Lucca would be cut short. Lynx and Harlequin burnt down Lucca's home and kidnapped Lucca to force her to work on a creation for him. Kid was alone once more.
And those of you who have played through Chrono Cross know the rest of the story. I've never played it myself, but my brother was willing to explain all this confuserating shite to me.

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