SARA (f) Spanish and Hungarian form of SARAH

SARAH (f) "lady" or "princess" (Hebrew). The wife of Abraham in the Old Testament. Her name was originally Sarai (see Genesis 17:15).


Your first name of Sara has given you a sociable, kind, and thoughtful nature. Your sensitivity and sympathy to the needs of people causes difficulty when you need to be individual and maintain control over your feelings. You can be easily hurt and emotionally upset and, because you become so closely involved with people, you can be unduly influenced by them, sometimes against your better judgment. You are inclined to put things off until forced to take action. You accomplish more working with people who encourage and inspire you, and particularly those who can give you confidence by laying out a step-by-step pattern for you. You do not take life too seriously, because you tend to live for the day. It is not typical of you to plan ahead, to think of the consequences of your actions, and to set meaningful objectives in your life. You are more likely to drift into experiences, benefitting from social contact and the attractiveness of your personality. You have felt insecure in learning and adapting to new things, and have struggled with lack of concentration and persistence to make a success of your efforts. In the health, you would experience skin conditions because of a rich diet, and also fluid problems affecting the glandular system and kidneys.

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