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©Other Sites©

Title: Enchanted Nightmares
Type: Dream blog
Host: Blog*Spot (temporary location until I feel like making a layout and putting it on Tripod)
Status: Assuming I remember my dreams, new posts everyday

Title: Navi's Orphanage
Type: Adoption
Host: Krissy
Status: 70%, moving soon

Title: Starlight Designs
Type: Free graphics
Host: Remiko
Status: Offline, but will be back

Title: Kave Kitten
Type: Character shrine
Host: Tripod
Status: Highly neglected :(

Title: Magician of Balancing Balls
Type: Character shrine
Host: None, Sailormoon.net went kaput without notice .
Status: Moving... somewhere

©Group Blogs©

Title: Blarg
Owner: Kitty
Host: Tripod
Status: New posts nearly every day

Title: Omniblog
Owner: Collin
Host: Blogspot

Title: Rainbow Lollipop
Owner: Krissy
Host: Chibi-Bunny.net

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