Free & Off Limits

Free means the graphics in the free sections of Starlight Designs. This includes the page designs, banners, etc. They are not public domain, which means they cannot be placed in any other graphics collection (such as clip art and other sites like mine) and are free for usage only under the conditions stated in this policy. Graphics that are off limits are those used by this site. They are not for downloading or editing under any circumstances.

Bandwidth Theft

Please upload the graphics to your own server space. Do not direct link images to my site. Keep in mind that bandwidth theft is illegal, and your site will be deleted if you are caught direct linking.

Proper Credits

Please credit Starlight Designs for any graphics you use. You can use a button or banner found on the "Link Me" page, or just link Starlight Designs with a text link. This link can go on a credit page, links page, or a splash page. It doesn't matter as long as it is somewhere on your site. Permission to use the graphics is only given to those who follow this policy, meaning if you choose not to link Starlight Designs, you do not have permission to use my graphics. Failure to credit Starlight Designs after being asked to will result in your site being listed on my black list. I will also send your link along to several anti-copy pages.