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A young Fey girl stands here not seeming to notice anything around her. Sparkling blue pools peer out from her pale face, and long golden locks of hair fall gently down her back nearly touching the ground. Her clothing is all light blue embroidered with silver stars and crescent moons, and silver star earrings dangle carelessly from her pierced ears. Upon her head rests a light blue band also embroidered with silver stars and moons. She seems to be smaller than most other Pixies, but she has great strength behind that size, and one would be a fool to judge her by size alone.

Umiko also doesn't have a history written. I really don't know what to write for her. She's a high enough level for a last name and title, but the last name I had picked out (Korino) wasn't accepted because it meant something in Japanese, and I haven't thought of another name for her. She doesn't have a title because I can't think of anything to call her.