Four hair ties (the little ones)
Shoulder-length hair
Time and patience

1. Put your hair up into pigtails with two of the hair ties.

2. Twist the right pigtail around counterclockwise 2-3 times, for the left twist clockwise.

3. Now, with one hand place your thumb and index finger under the twisted pigtail while holding it up with the other.

4. With the hand you're using to hold the pigtail up, wrap the pigtail around the hair tie (clockwise for left pigtail, counterclockwise for right) once.

5. Remember your thumb and index finger? Good, you'll need them now. Use them to grab the pigtail and pull it through to form a knot (your hand is now free!)

6. With one hand, pull on the pigtail while the other holds the knot to tighten it, to ensure it will stay put.

7. Place a hair tie behind the newly created odango so it won't fall out.

8. Shout "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" and chase your little brother around the house with a toilet brush.