Miss Usako - Adopted 6-11-99 from Navi's OrphanageHello, and welcome to Silver Eclipse! This is my little spot on the web dedicated to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. If you're looking for things about Serena and her Sailor Scouts, leave now (unless you want to learn about the original). This page is about the original anime, not dic's lousy "dub" if you dare call it that.

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Silver Eclipse is officially dormant. That means there will be no more updates to any part of this website. Please do not ask for me to update; your requests/demands/flames will be ignored. I have grown tired of maintaining this website, but I cannot bear to give it to someone else. It's a possesion thing with me. I'm sorry to all of you that were looking forward to updates and whatnot, but as of now (10/08/2000), this site will not be updated. However, it will always be here because I cannot bring myself to get rid of it. Assuming you have, thanks for reading my "jibba jabba."

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Words of warning: This site is extremely PINK and does contain spoilers in the profiles if you have not seen all of the series.

It's a load of crap. Even a complete newbie to SM knows that Darien did not get his powers from Artemis (Toonami claims Artemis belongs to Darien! LOL). Several people from Lycentia's Sailor Moon Discussion Forum wrote the owners of the website, and all they received was a very rude reply saying that their information was not needed. THE HELL IT WASN'T! If you want to see the wacky info for yourself go to toonami.com and click on Line Up, then Sailor Moon, and then Tuxedo Mask.

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