Mizuno Ami/Sailormercury
     Ami is the second sailor soldier to appear. She is very intelligent and rumored to have an IQ of 300. Ami spends a lot of time studying for something or other, going to the library, going to cram school, and trying to get the other senshi to improve their study skills. Ami lives with her mother, a doctor, and hardly ever sees her father, an artist. He does send her postcards to show he cares though. Ami's dream is to become a doctor like her mother, but she has had to put that dream aside because of her sailor soldier duties. Ami's worst fear is getting love letters; she has a boy interested in her, Urawa Ryo (anime only), and she is interested in him, too, but she is afraid to show her feelings, although Makoto has told her more than once to give the guy a chance.

     Sailormercury's attacks are water-based and are more defensive than the other soldiers'. One really awesome attack Mercury uses is Mercury Aqua Mirage, too bad she only gets to use it once in her sailor soldier career. She uses it in Ami-chan no Hatsukoi, which translates to be Ami's First Love.