Dead Moon Circus
     Neherenia reminds me much of Queen Beryl, only a lot more powerful. She runs the operation going on at the Dead Moon Circus, and basically what she does is sit around on her hiney all day giving orders to Zirconia who gives orders to the Trio and the Quartet. Ain't being queen grand?

     Zirconia is the second in command of the Dead Moon Circus. She gets her orders from Queen Neherenia and gives them to the Trio or the Quartet. Zirconia is almost always closely followed by Zircon, whom she call her pet.

     Zircon is this flying flaming eye-ball thing and is Zirconia's pet. It is usually what shows the Trio and Quartet the targets they're supposed to go after, but sometimes it can't find a target. This causes the Trio or Quartet to have to find the targets on their own. The Quartet thinks it is hilarious when Zircon can't find a target, and they like to tease it and threaten to eat it.

     CereCere is the leader of the Amazoness Quartet. Her attacks are based around plants because the Roman goddess Ceres, Demeter in Greek mythology, is the goddess of the harvest. In the circus, she is the trapesist. Her pool ball and main color is yellow even though she dresses mostly in pink, and in the manga she becomes Sailorceres. She is the magician of flowers.

     VesVes is the stuck up member of the Quartet. She is the only one that would even think of mouthing off to Neherenia or Zirconia. Her pool ball is red as is her hair. In the manga, she becomes Sailorvesta. She is the magician of wild beasts.

     JunJun is the most tomboyish of the Quartet and the only one that wears pants instead of those little skirts with the skin tight leggings. She is also probably the most humane of the four, for she helps or waits for her target to achieve their dreams before taking the mirror. She figures they won't need them afterward and it's ok to destroy it. Most of her time is spent teasing Zircon like the rest of the Quartet when she doesn't have to look for the Golden Mirror. In the circus, JunJun is the tight-rope walker. Her pool ball is green like her hair, and in the manga she becomes Sailorjuno. She is the magician of acrobatic feats.

     ParaPara is the zaniest member of the Quartet, always doing something silly and wanting to play. She talks about herself in third person and refers to Zirconia as "Granny Zirconia." Her name is spelled ParaPara but pronounced PallaPalla. Para-chan's pool ball is blue and her hair is also blue. In the manga, she becomes Sailorpallas. She is the magician of balancing balls.