Your name of Chibi creates an intense desire to be of service to others, but its practicality and attention to detail cause you to lack the spontaneity necessary to make life interesting for yourself, as well as others. You desire your life to be very orderly and systematized and you keep your surroundings neat and tidy, but you are inclined to be fussy over little things. You are a very patient person and you will work hard one step at a time to accomplish your goals. You tend to be thorough in building a solid foundation of fact and logic, but you are not especially imaginative or investigative. Not interested in large undertakings, you are content to live from day to day and to save for your future. You budget carefully and do not believe in frivolous spending. You appreciate a settled home environment that permits you to show your love for friends and family through what you do for them rather than having to express your feelings in words. Try not to be critical of those who do not live up to your regard for system and detail. This name creates much frustration, nervous tension, and personal unhappiness because you are not able to get the opportunity to realize your high ideals. Any weakness in your health would cause you to suffer with boils, constipation, or rheumatism.
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