Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon
Your first name of Usagi has given you creative ability, imagination along practical lines, and the patience to pay attention to detail for a while. Although you are attracted to technical, mechanical, scientific fields, you lack the patience to follow through with this interest. This name gives a certain amount of practicality to your thinking; but there is also a tendency to scatter your efforts for, although you want system and order and stability in your life, you are too apt to be distracted from the job you are doing and to become involved in spontaneous interests. You are good-natured, have a good sense of humour, and are fairly easy-going, making friends with those who enjoy a good time. A weakness of this name is a tendency to make promises which you have difficulty in keeping. You tend to be lavish in your tastes and to spend your money freely. You have a heart of gold and are always ready to give generously. Since your feelings are strong and you tend to be enthusiastic and boisterous, you burn up your energies quickly and indulge in quick-energy foods, sweets, and starches. This type of diet affects the functions of the liver, causing either suffering with gall stones, jaundice, or skin troubles.

I tried to look up her nickname Usako, but it was unavailable.
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