Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon
     Tsukino Usagi is a 14 year old girl, 16 at the end of the series, who is always late to school, never fails to get detention, doesn't ever seem to get enough sleep, eats about as much as an elephant, and hardly ever does her homework. On the upside, she is a loyal friend, a dedicated sailor soldier, not to mention being the leader and the moon princess, Princess Serenity.

     Usagi became a sailor soldier when she found a black cat with a crescent moon shape on its forehead. She later learned the cat could talk and was told she was named Luna. Luna gave Usagi the powers to become the pretty soldier Sailormoon. At first Usagi does not want to fight the evil ones, but she realizes it is her destiny and she must fight even if she doesn't want to.

     Sailormoon's attacks are based around purity and healing. Her first attack, Moon Tiara Action, can destroy the enemy, be combined with other soldiers' powers for a stronger attack, or be used to entrap the enemy. Her powers can either be used to destroy her enemies or to heal them. Sailormoon also has the ability to use the ginzuishou, but if she uses it to its full potential, she will die.