If you need to contact me, I can be reached at the following email and
My ICQ UIN is 35318087, but please refrain from requesting to add me to your list. You'd only be wasting your time because I would deny you unless I found out I knew you (which I probably don't know you, so don't bother).
My yahoo messenger name is Umikochan, but I'm not on very often. Unless I know who you are I will deny your adding me as a friend.
My AOL instant messenger is also Umikochan. I also go by UsagiMP and Hotasan, but that doesn't really matter since I'm never on that thing anyway. Don't waste your time putting me on your buddy list. I never use this program anymore.
You can find me on the Palace under the name Mysa, Raie, or Navi. I usually have a faerie, mermaid, or centaur avatar.