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Even though I deleted her, I may bring her back and roleplay as though she just left town for a while. The reason she was deleted was because her rogue skills sucked, but if I remake her, she will still be a thief. If I do remake her and get her to level 20, I think her title will be "Pilferess of the Wind." I hereby claim that title for her, so no one else better use it for their title! =)
There's a new female pixie named "Zeln". It may be a coincidence, but I still think it's suspicious. _

A set of sparkling emerald eyes peek out from the shelter of the hood of this young pixie's cloak. When the hood has been pulled back, white curls framing her delicate face are revealed. Some locks have been braided with little pale blue ribbons weaving through them while a larger ribbon holds the hair in a pony-tail that falls to her tiny waist where a belt of spidersilk rests. A pouch of colorful marbles hangs loosely from the belt, the marbles clacking together each time she walks. Silver crescent moons hang carelessly from her pierced ears, and on her right wrist a silver bracelet with dangling moons and stars glistens in the light. In one hand is a wooden ocarina painted black with the symbol of Thereva painted in silver, in the other, she wields a sharp knife. Though small in size, she appears to be one that is not to be trifled with.

Zela was born in the slums of Allealyra, almost never let out of the house. She was the first of a set of twins to be born. Her mother, only expecting one baby, had planned on naming the child after herself, but her plans were altered when she discovered there was another child waiting to come out as well. Seeing as she was the first out, Zela was blessed with her mother's name. Her sister was given something similar, Zora. Growing up, the two were never let out of their mother's sight, or the house for that matter. Their mother was not what one would call a "good woman." Her prostitution was what caused the birth of her children, and she was looked down upon by most in Ally, except those adventuring travelers looking for a good time.
When the girls were somewhat older, their mother still had not changed her ways. This lead to her downfall and left two very young girls to fend for themselves. The girls, hearing much comotion in the other room ran in to find their beloved mother beaten to death, murdered by a dark cloaked man who left without a word as the children stared in shock at their mother's corpse. Zela ran to her mother's side and sobbed taking the sapphire ring from her mother's finger and vowing to avenge her death. She took her mother's jewelry and stood slowly, walking back to her sister. She sadly said they would have to sell most of it to get by, but Zora refused. Zora took the small amount of jewelry from Zela and layed the pices out on the dirty floor. She picked up the sapphire ring and slid it on Zela's finger saying, "Mother would have wanted this to go to you..." Looking at what was left, Zora told Zela to take the charm bracelet and earrings. Zela said nothing and did as her sister said, hoping she would tell her to take no more and keep some for herself. Before Zora had the chance to give her anything else, she grabbed the pendant that matched the sapphire ring and slid it around Zora's neck and said, "You are right...we will sell nothing. We will find other ways to survive on our own."
Zora told her sister she would become a druid, a priestess of Thereva, and pray for the forgiveness of their mother's sins. She would supply them both with food, water, and protection when needed. Zela, knowing they would still need money from somewhere, turned to thievery. Hiding in the shadows, picking the pockets of unsuspecting passersby, hoping for just enough to pay for the Allealyrian taxes and a little more to get her sister medical help. Zora was growing ill and their food supply short. On one of Zora's better days, the two took silver and blue thread and braided it together, making two bracelets, a token of their friendship and love for each other. Zela continued to steal money and food, desparately trying to keep the one thing that meant most to her, the one person she had left, her sister, healthy. Although not as religious as Zora, she knelt and prayed to the Fey goddess Thereva, "Please, my goddess, don't take her from me.. She is all I have left, all I care about..nothing is more important than her! Please! Let her live!" Alas, her praying was for naught, and her theft was not enough. Zora passed on to the next dimension a few days later. Distraught, and heavy with grief, Zela took the pendant from her sister's neck, the only other thing left to help keep her in her memory, and fled to Tharan, the city of humans. No one there knew of her, and to keep it that way, she always hid her face behind a dark hood and stayed in the shadows observing anyone who came around, deciding if they were trustworthy.

People Seen/Met IC Their Name Known Name Known
Nissa Known Yes
Yamashi Yes Yes
Ilmarin Yes Yes
Aryie No No
Arath Yes Yes
Tevyan Yes Yes
Modreh No No
Sinok Yes Yes
Ferril Yes No
Questa Yes No
Koba Yes No
Saelus Yes Yes
Shadiza No No
Amzarin No No
Bastian Yes Yes
Xier Yes Yes
Anya No No
Thrithral Yes Yes
Elghinn Yes Yes
Raknar Yes No
Kultiras Yes No
Raine Yes Yes
Laira (played by imm) Yes Yes
Miyaku No No
Kilaa No No
Ysil Yes No
Monos No No
Malistica No No
Grug Yes No