I know you're probably thinking "Not another adoption agency", but I think you'll really like this one! All of the sprites up for adoption are custom edited especially for this page, and I hope people won't steal them for their own webpages. They're only here to adopt. If you want sprites for use as web graphics, go to Lycentia's place. ^_^


Navigation is to your left. Click on a series and a new menu for that series will open in that window. Let's say you want to look at the Wedding Peach section. You'd simply click "Wedding Peach" and you'd be taken to another menu in that frame that lists the characters. Click a character's name and all the sprites of that character will load in this window. Adopt as many characters as you like from as many series as you want. Just remember to link them back here and no direct linking (if you're caught you won't like what happens)! ^_^


2002-06-23: I'm thinking of shutting this site down, or at least just leaving it static. I never update it anymore because I don't have time due to taking requests, and I'm beginning not to have time even for those. My apologies to those that requested, but it may take quite a while for me to get your requests to you, if I even can do them at all.
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